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Ambassadors of Millennial Typicality

The Hotel Castello has been owned by a Sardinian family for generations, passionate experts of the territory and its traditions.

At our hotel, the cuisine tells of age-old traditions and offers an authentic flavour that goes beyond goodness. On the coast or inland, you will be amazed by Sardinian delicacies, made from simple and genuine ingredients, with strong yet delicate flavours.

What to eat in Sardinia

Our region is home to products of the highest quality, the expression of age-old traditions: from pecorino to fiore sardo, from spiny artichokes to saffron, from botargo to wines.

Bread is far from being a secondary product and is often the protagonist: from coccoi to civraxu, from pan’e gherda to carasau, and even surprising bread-based recipes such as pane frattau and zuppa gallurese.

There are many varieties of pasta: dry pasta, such as fregula and malloreddus, and fresh pasta, such as culurgiones, filindeu and lorighittas.

We are known for the roast suckling pig (porcheddu), but other meat dishes are also not to be missed: lamb and kid, cordula, lamb offal and boiled sheep.

The fish is of the highest quality, from grilled crustaceans, grilled sea bass, gilthead bream and eels, to local tuna, which is cooked in a thousand ways.

The cheeses (fresh and mature pecorino, kid rennet and casu marzu) are a must, as are the desserts, from the surprising cheese-based dishes, such as seadas and pardulas, to the traditional dry sweets made with almonds and honey.

The Hotel Castello has an agreement with several traditional restaurants, which will be happy to welcome you to discover the flavours of typical Sardinian cuisine.

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